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In the 30+ years I have helped individuals, families, and businesses protect their families and assets, I have seen quite a bit. Now it's time to give back to you some of the amazing stories and experiences I have been a part of over these years.

I would encourage you to read my BLOGS and hopefully they will be of some help to you in your life and business. Thank you...

Meet Tom Walker

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Stop by and read some interesting stories about Gun Law, issues affecting Gun Owners, Gun Law Legislation, and some interesting and unusual happenings in the area of Gun Law.

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If you want to learn more about the specific services I provide to my clients, please visit my law firm website at where you can learn more about these services. My BLOG site (the one you are on) is where I share stories and insights that can help you make better decisions. It isn't about "services" on this site, it's about "helping" you learn more...


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Phone: (208) 344-7811


Address: 800 Park Boulevard - Suite 790 – Boise, ID. 83712


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Estate Planning BLOG

Want to read about some helpful, interesting, and thought provoking stories about how Individuals and Families protect their assets and legacy? Check out my blog specifically talking to you, the Individual and Family Member...


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Business Planning BLOG

Want to read about some helpful, interesting, and thought provoking stories that Business Owners, Leaders, and Top Executives deal with every day as they lead their companies? Check out my blog specifically talking to you, the Business Leader...

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Estate Planning Blog Highlights

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It is almost a given today that if you don’t have a Will or a Trust you will end up in court if you have any assets or children. While many might not think this is a big deal today, it will most certainly be one when it happens. It’s something you want to avoid at all costs if possible. Granted, there are reasons you can’t avoid it…but they are far a few between. The biggest one is that most people don’t really understand the legal process and put things off to the end when [more]
Everyone loves to give and receive gifts. And when we get along in life it becomes even more desirable to want to give things away to our family and loved ones. I fully support this and believe there is a lot of value and peace one receives by do this as part of when they are living. But there are a few things you should think about before your generosity kicks into gear. The first question I always ask is, “Are you keeping enough for your needs and to live on in the future?” This is pretty critical since you [more]
People always are asking how often they should update or change their Estate Plans or Wills or Trusts or other areas where they manage their future. Since I like to keep things simple, let me answer this without a lot of long winded answers… If your life changes, your plans need to change…that’s it! The biggest question is “what changed” and “what is the impact” of this change in your life. The bigger the change the more important the change needs to be and the more frequent. In addition, if it is going to impact others in your [more]
We no longer live in the “Industrial Revolution” that was started almost 100 years ago with the creation of the product factories and a host of other businesses. That revolution has been declining ever since the mass adoption of the Internet took place. Now we are firmly in the “Digital Revolution” where the focus is all about the Internet and the power it plays in our lives. Whether you agree with it or not or whether you are an active or passive user or not doesn’t matter any longer…we all have a “digital footprint” in the internet. This means [more]
When it comes to retirement, our parents and their parents probably were better equipped and knowledgeable about what they wanted to accomplish than most are today. They were focused on it because there weren’t the tools available to them that are available for many of us today. I thought it might be fun to take a look at some of these basics when it comes to retirement planning and refresh our memory that some of these are just as (if not more) relevant today as they were for our elders. Start Saving early…this is something many people don’ [more]
I talk a lot about planning and how important it is for you and your family to have everything in place. It is not only important…it is critical. But one area, and maybe the most visible, that everyone is concerned about is how do you protect your money and assets should something happen to you. About a year ago there was a great summary of this in The Motley Fool where they offered “4 Ways to Protect Your Money.” I liked it because it was simple and right on point with what I believe as well so I wanted to [more]

Business Leaders Blog Highlights

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I get asked this question from time to time from business owners, “How important is it to have a trademark and will it protect me from legal situations surround my chosen name?” Let me first say that I am not a trademark attorney and if you wanted to get some real depth on the law in this area I can refer you to some that specialize in this area of law. But for the sake of this discussion, I just wanted to give you, the business owner, some guidance in this area and some insights as you might be starting [more]
Have you ever been out with a customer, a potential investor, a vendor, a partner, or even an employee and over the conversation agreed to something and then “shook on it?” Everyone does it and it’s part of how we do business. But what exactly does this mean and is this the best way to handle something that could have an impact on your business? Contracts can be entered into many different ways and as such can affect how you may have to deliver on that contract. When we hear the word “contract” the majority of people immediately think [more]
They say the two most exciting times in a business owner’s life is when he first starts the business and when he sells the business. When it’s time to sell the business it can sometimes be exciting but also risky…especially if you aren’t prepared. But you don’t have to be unprepared if you know what to avoid when selling the business. Owner Involvement and Commitment. Sometimes your passion for the business can work against you if you are too close to your business. What helped you make and build your business can also be your [more]
If you interview 100 business owners and ask them if they feel their business assets are protected if they have an LLC or are incorporated, 95 of them will tell you they are. They would be wrong…at least in certain circumstances. Since the primary reason to form these types of structures is to protect your personal assets, there are certain situations where this may not be the case. Even if you have one of these structures in place, there are several circumstances where you can be personally liable. There was a great article in Entrepreneur that dealt with this specific [more]
It’s 6:00am and you’re in the office…your normal start to the morning. After tons of meetings and issues running the business, it’s now 8:00pm and you’re heading home. Sound familiar? It probably does if you own your own business these days. The days just don’t seem long enough to get everything done you have on your plate. So what about your estate plan? Exactly…it’s somewhere on the to-do list for sure…but it isn’t done. That doesn’t mean it isn’t important and it doesn’t mean there aren’t [more]
There are more people today who want to become “Entrepreneurs” than any other time in history! Many are tired of working for the other guy, or doing the same thing over and over, or simply want to try their hand at running their own show. This is great for everyone when they can help boost the economy for both jobs and new ideas! But before you dive into the new venture, there are a few legal issues you should at least be aware of and planning for before, during, and after you get started. Here are a few to get [more]